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Introducing the luxurious Gran Brijit scarf, made from 100% pure silk. This stunning scarf is inspired by the legendary Haitian Vodou warrior, Gran Brijit, who is known for her fiery Celtic temperament and her unwavering dedication to women's rights. As a powerful Gede spirit, she is a protector of women and a symbol of strength and courage. This scarf is the perfect accessory for the modern woman who wants to channel the spirit of Gran Brijit and make a statement. Whether worn as a headscarf or draped over the shoulders, this scarf will make a statement and serve as a reminder of the strength and power of women.

Gran Brigit - White with Border

SKU: 0021
  • 100% Pure Silk Satin. Dry Clean only

    Dimensions : 43" x 43"  109cm x 109cm

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