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"Our scarves are more than just an accessory. They are a representation of the sacred symbols of the Haitian Vodou spirits, the VEVE. Each scarf carries the knowledge and magic of our ancestors."

- Malou Beauvoir founder 

The Spiritwalker Collection by Modern Manbo is a celebration of Haitian Vodou spirits and their VEVE. Our scarves are made of 100% pure silk and feature the sacred symbols of each spirit. Wearing a Spiritwalker scarf is not just about completing your outfit, it is about carrying the magic and wisdom of our ancestors with you. Our scarves are more than just an accessory, they are a representation of your connection to the spirits.

Discover the beauty and power of the VEVE with Spiritwalker Scarves by Modern Manbo.

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About the Founder

“Modern Manbo is dedicated to all the bold, beautiful women who resonate with the spirit of the Manbo.”
-Malou Beauvoir-

Conceived by singer-songwriter and actress, Malou Beauvoir, Modern Manbo artfully weaves the sacred symbols of Vodou into luxurious kaftans, coats, and silk scarves. Named after the revered ‘Manbo’, or priestess, in Haitian Vodou, the label is a profound homage to female empowerment and leadership. 

Malou's creations are born from the rich cultural tapestry of her global journeys. From the opulent silks of India and Asia to the exquisitely crafted textiles of Italy, France, and the Middle East, she meticulously sources unique fabrics worldwide.


Her exquisite painterly designs are a testament to her love of texture, color, and the ethereal grace of garments like the African boubou and the tunics of India and Pakistan. 


Each piece in the Modern Manbo collection embodies a narrative of tradition and innovation, celebrating the timeless essence of femininity and the universal strength of women. 


Photo by Laurence Laborie 

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