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Available in Spiritwalker scarf designs. 

With its intricately detailed designs, each kaftan is a unique work of art that exudes luxury and elegance. As you slip into this luxurious garment, you will feel a sense of spiritual empowerment, as the powerful symbols and imagery of Damballah, Ayizan, or Erzuli are designed into the fabric. Whether worn for a special occasion or simply to add a touch of glamour to your everyday life, the SAVALOU KAFTAN is a timeless and elegant piece that exudes poise and grace. 100% Silk Habotai. Also available in 100% silk chiffon


SKU: 0013
  • Crafted from 8 - 100% Silk scarves (65cm x 65cm), garment length 130cm, width 130cm. Dry clean only.

    Crafted from 8  (25.5in x 25.5in), 100% Silk scarves, garment length 50inch x 50inch width. Dry clean only.

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